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Endorsed by the U.S. National Ski Patrol

Sun Mountain’s ClubGlider® has revolutionized the way golfers travel with their clubs, so why not apply that technology to other sports? We adapted ClubGlider’s integrated leg system for use in ski and snowboard travel. The leg system supports 100% of the weight of the skis and makes traveling effortless.

We also make a travel bag for snowboard gear. Learn more about the FreeGlider.

  • Fits 190 cm skis
  • Holds 2 pairs of skis, boots and poles with room to spare for a helmet and some cold-weather gear.
  • Heavy-duty, two-way zippers run the full length of the bag for easy loading.
  • Upper portion of the bag is fully padded to protect your skis while the end of the skis are secured in a padded pouch at the base of the SkiGlider.
  • Leg mechanism is extended and retracted in one easy motion.
  • Legs retract into molded tray for travel.
  • High-impact roller blade wheels with durable heat-treated axles for strength.
  • Reinforced in wear areas.
  • Three internal cinch straps secure skis in place.
  • Folds for storage.
  • Folded dimensions 26” X 14” X 14”. Unfolded, it is 72" long. The base is 14"W X 18.5"H. The narrow end is 10"W X 7"H.